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Words for her wedding day

Dear Mrs. Simpson,

I love you honey and congratulations to you both. Some wise words that Ill pass along since I wasn’t there to hug you and cry like a baby in person: 1 Jesus said love thy neighbor, in doing that many issues that could potentially arise can be avoided…we would never do anything to hurt ourselves (rationally minded individuals of course) so we should not bring injurious things…

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Nyx Note of The Day 7/4

Something is only priority if you make it a priority and if you have a mindset where you speak more than you do then you have no right to complain. You don’t like negative people stop hanging around them, if you don’t like your job change it, you don’t like your wieght do something about it,  you don’t like your neighborhood try to make it better or move… simple changes have big impacts. How you…

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