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"Wunderlist" I like That!!!!

“Wunderlist” I like That!!!!

On Apr 9, 2014 3:14 PM, “Wunderlist” wrote:

How we fixed the Heartbleed bug

As you opened up Wunderlist today, you would have noticed that you had been logged out. We did this to protect your data against an internet-wide security vulnerability called ‘Heartbleed’. Heartbleed affects the OpenSSL framework which is used by many websites to privately send data to and from an internet server.


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Jok - Thai-style rice porridge

Jok – Thai-style rice porridge


I think ill try this one day, I wonder if I can sub the pork for turkey or chicken…

Originally posted on Ooh, my favorite!:

One of the first things I make when I feel a cold coming on is a big pot of Jok (pronounced joke). It is typically served as a breakfast and is basically rice that you cook the hell out of so that it becomes a wonderfully soft and silky porridge. With the…

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#waistraining #waistmissing #fyi #imshort it’s all good till I sit down lol. If this was a steel boned I wouldn’t be able to wear it and sit comfortably. My real steel boned #corset comes in April and it’s not as long as this thank goody. With this one though: Cup size makes a difference you will need to readjust periodically if your c or above. Start testing it out on a off day, so that you can know what adjustments will work for you. I’m 5’2ish so it starts directly under the bust line and comes pass my pelvic bone. Yeah I know I just look tall because I think and walk tall lol. #tightlacing in April #latex #latexcorset #waistconcher #buyabelt lol

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